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Meet Our Family



Our Core Values: Faith || Family || Freedom

Tom Geary (left) has seven children, 10-and-counting grandchildren, and has been a successful entrepreneur for 30+ years. His wife Ann is his best friend and steadfast supporter. Tom loves hunting and existing in the grandeur of creation. His favorite spot is a 10x6 shack parked in the backwoods with no amenities.


Nate Kent married Tom's youngest daughter, Mariena, in 2015. They reside in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with their three kids: Revlin (5), Quillin (2), and Crosby (newborn). Nate joined Tom in the flag business, Freedom Flag and Pole, in 2019 - that business has grown and expanded, along with the beginnings of Freedom Classics Outdoors. The hope and goal is to provide opportunities for more family members to join the family businesses and have it be a place where the kids can help out and learn the value of work alongside their parents. Nate loves bowhunting, baseball, football, hiking/backpacking, wilderness camping, and fishing.



Brian Stewart married Tom's second daughter, Amy, in 2014. They also reside in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with their four kids, Paxton (5), Raphael (3), Elowyn (2), and Roger (newborn). Brian is passionate about homesteading, hobby farming, sustainability and diverse wildlife habitats.