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4 Unbelievable Benefits of Buying American Made

The benefits of buying American Made extend well beyond a simple act of patriotism. Here are four facts answering "Why buy Made in USA?"

Dollars Multiply

Long, long ago (1944) there existed a myth that a dollar turns over seven times before leaving town. If dollars are spent overseas those dollars get turned over in another country's economy, not ours. The myth was debunked but the concept is proven. Economic Impact Multipliers currently hover between 1.25 and 2.75 (depending on the sector). Why does this matter?

Dependence vs. Interdependence

The contrast is this: (1) We can be dependent on raw materials, manufacturing capabilities and labor within our borders. This creates inter-dependency within the US economy. (2) We can be dependent on raw materials, manufacturing capabilities and labor outside of our borders. This creates inter-dependency on the scale of the global economy and we are dependent upon other nations. The reality, like most things, is we need to exist in the middle. Where am I going with this?

A Stronger Nation

You feel good knowing you support other hardworking American families. You help them put food on their table and increase their quality of life for a better tomorrow. But wait, there's more! Interdependence strengthens the US economy, which increases the value of the dollar, which increases your buying power and your quality of life!

You Get the Goods You Deserve

All in jest. I hate the word deserve. Nonetheless, it is likely a product made closer to home is of higher quality and comes with better customer service. Why? Interdependence.

Summary of Impact

You help your neighbor, yourself, you get a higher quality product and better customer service. It’s a no-brainer - Buy local, buy American!

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